Patriot Grave Registry - Updated July 2019

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Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Ohio, Introduction

The records contained in this Roster began with those presented to the State of Ohio in 1929 by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the WPA “as a tribute of respect to the hardy pioneers who transplanted to this State the noble ideals for which they fought from 1775 to 1783, and who now sleep the last sleep beneath its soil”. The records were amended by other sources described in the bibliography at the end of the Roster and by data posted on the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Patriot & Grave Index website.

Attached is the updated file containing several thousand Revolutionary War Patriots buried in Ohio. This updated file has increased the listing to 1,688 pages.  There are several additional counties listed and about 1,500 new patriots.  Watch for updates - there about 1,000 more to add!

We continued reconciliation of this information with additional personal data, re-verification of each patriot’s burial site and the GPS location of the County (to three decimal places), Township (four decimal places), location of cemetery (4-5 decimal places), and the location of the grave site (five or more decimal places).

Amendments will continue as research identifies other Patriot Ancestors buried in Ohio or additional details of existing individuals are confirmed. We encourage additional input, which may be made through the Ohio Society SAR Graves Committee.  The Chairman can be contacted by clicking here.

Subsequent additions were made to the data from research performed by various Chapters of the Ohio SAR utilizing references listed in the bibliography at the back of the Roster. Counties completed to date are: Hamilton, Warren, Clermont, and Licking. Those entries may be identified by longitude/latitude listed in the header.

Michael B. Gunn, OHSSAR Patriot Graves Committee

Disclaimer: The information contained in these records is for informational and research use only. It cannot be used as proof of lineage or service. Current and potential members wishing to submit new or supplemental applications must find and submit the genealogical and service proofs required to support their applications including, but not limited to, SAR-approved record copies of existing applications.