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SAR Colorguardsman E-Magazine

* See note below

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* SAR Colorguardsman E-Magazine Notes

The SAR Colorguardsman magazine is an E-Magazine. The publication schedule is set for quarterly issues that will be distributed via email and be available on the Color Guard committee webpage and linked here on the OHSSAR website. Each issue will be published in a PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).

The plan is for The SAR Colorguardsman to contain articles of interest to the Color Guard including, but not limited to the following:

   > Uniforms – history, where to get replicas made, etc.

   > “How To” Articles – establishing a color guard, drill manuals, handling weapons, etc.

   > Events – what should be expected of color guards, pictures and articles of color guard participation, etc.

   > Announcements – what upcoming events need color guard participation, etc.

Deadlines are as follows:

   > October publication – September 30th deadline

   > January publication – December 31st deadline

   > April publication – March 31st deadline

   > July publication – June 30th deadline

A call is going out now for submissions for the next issue of The SAR Colorguardsman e-magazine (April). Each submission should be sent in a DOC or RTF format (Microsoft Word) or similar format. Pictures should be sent in JPEG format. Entries should be emailed to the OHSSAR Color Guard Commander Steve Frash, linked HERE.

Only articles coming from the State Color Guard Commander are accepted. Submissions are open to all events, but will be screened to be sure they are worthwhile for publication.

  Steve Frash – Ohio State Color Guard Commander