Ft. Laurens Regiment

Left to Right: Sergeant Troy Bailey (kneeling), Sergeant George Grossenbaugh, Sergeant George Stewart, Colonel Lee Wilkerson, Captain Paul Schenck, Captain Shaun Smith (kneeling), Captain Rev. James Fast (back), Sergeant Steve Hinson, Colonel Don McGraw, General Jack Bredenfoerder, General John Franklin, General Joe Dooley, Captain Tony Robinson, Colonel James River, Sergeant Mike Gunn, Sergeant Brad Jarard, Sergeant Gary Duffield, Sergeant Ken Carpenter, Captain Ian Cunningham (kneeling), Sergeant Fr. Michael Nimocks

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Current Donors and Ranks

Troy Bailey
Ken Carpenter
Gary Duffield
George Grossenbaugh
Mike Gunn
Steve Hinson
Brad Jarard
Fr. Michael Nimocks
George Stewart

Ian Cunningham
Rev. James Fast
Tony Robinson
Paul Schenck
Shaun Smith

Don McGraw
James Fast
Lee Wilkerson

John Bredenfoerder
Joe Dooley
John Franklin